Corporate social responsibility

With the sustainable spirit of running a business, Bunte actively participates in contributions and gives back to the society. In addition to long-term care for the community and related groups in need of assistance, it also provides construction and education cooperation, industry-university cooperation, event fee sponsorship, etc.

The specific measures and implementation results in 2023 are as follows:

1. Participate in public welfare activities and care for disadvantaged groups in society.


Public welfare category Group name Donate and sponsor
Vulnerable groups: nursing homes, women, disabled people, kindergartens and other disadvantaged groups Yilan County Private Hongde Nursing Home, Yilan County Private Lanxin Maternal and Child Center, St. Goodman Enlightenment Center, Mo Guang Reconstruction Center, Xingfu Charitable Foundation, Yilan County Private Lanyang Renai Home, Yilan County Private Maria Elderly Long-term Care center, Yilan County Private St. Francis Nursing Home, Love Blind Foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Zhengde Love Kitchen...etc. 930,000
Medical group Zhengde Cancer Medical Foundation, Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch, Taiwan Diabetes Association 198,000
Cultural and artistic groups Cultural and educational institutions
International Mouth and Foot Painting Art Association, Lin Hongyi Cultural and Educational Foundation 90,000
Community, school Tamsui/Shuiyuan Elementary School, Tamsui Dengggong Elementary School, Tamsui/Zhongliao Community, etc. 186,000
Religious charity Buddha Education Foundation, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Foundation, Ksitigarbha Compassionate Wish Foundation, Hua Zang World Education Foundation, etc. 396,000
  Total: 1,800,000


2.Provided workplace visits to the National Luodong Advanced Industrial Vocational School and workplace internship training for 7 construction students.

3. Sponsored booths at the annual meeting of the Philippine Society of Medical Specialties and provided education and training for medical staff.