Green Building

Yike Facility  is Greenship (EEWH) certified from Green Building Council Taiwan, providing example of professional approach in building an environmentally friendly office interior space.

Greenship certified:Qualified level((2020 Factory Building Category)

Building use: large space

Location: No. 360, Liyike Road, Nanqiao, Yilan City, Yilan County


Biodiversity Indicator

Ecological green network, small organism habitat, plant diversity, soil ecology

Greening Quanity Indicator

Greening amount, CO2 fixed amount

Base Water Retention Indicator

Water retention, storage and penetration, soft flood control
Energy Saving

Daily Energy Saving Indicator (Required)

Housing, air conditioning, lighting energy saving
Waste Reduction

CO2 Reduction Indicator

Building materials carbon dioxide emissions

Waste Reduction Indicator

Earthwork balancing, waste reduction

Indoor Environment Indicator

Sound insulation, lighting and ventilation building materials

Water Resources Indicator (Required)

Water-saving appliances, rainwater and reclaimed water reuse

Sewage and waste improvement indicator

Rainwater and sewage diversion, garbage classification, composting

It is revealed that our Yike facility meets four of the above indicators and is a qualified green building.While the data speaks itself:with 20% energy saving, save 30% water, save resources and create a comfortable and healthy living environment.It can guarantee the use period for about 40 years in the future.