Manufacturing Capabilities

Extruded Tubing Multi-lumen Tubing Profile Extrusion

BIOTEQUE continuously invests in the latest process technologies per combination with many years of expertise in tubing, catheter and film manufacturing. We develop expertise in extruding a wide variety of material, TPU, Nylon, PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Non-DEHP PVC, EVA, Pebax. Multi-lumen tubing is often used in demanding applications such as minimally invasive surgery. Multi-lumen allows multiple functions or instruments to be placed within a limited space. Our extrusion tools required are designed in-house by our core design team. We are capable of customizing an extrusion line in single lumen, double lumen, triple lumen, film tubing.

  • Size from 1.00mm-12mm (0.039”-0.472”).
  • Tolerance as low as 0.03mm (0.001”).
  • Single Lumen, Double Lumen, Triple Lumen

Catheter Technology

BIOTEQUE’ process expertise includes: Compounding, Customized precision extrusion, Tip Forming (Tappered, Rounded, Closed), Micro Injection Molding, Over molding, Welding, Flaring, Necking, Bonding.

Medical Balloons

At BIOTEQUE, we have accumulated the ability to execute balloon catheter assemblies, mounting elements on or inside the balloon. From distal assembly, proximal assembly, pressure test, flute catheter, wrap catheter, leak & vacuum test, final lot inspection, packaging labelling, final packaging inspection. Contact us if you can benefit from our experience.

Injection Molding/Insert Molding/Thermo Plastic Molding

In both injection moulding and over-moulding of thermoplastic components, BIOTEQUE specializes them for Minimally Invasive medical devices requirement compliance. There is a wide range of plastic injection moulding materials, such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Polyamide, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polyoxymethylene. In-house tool and die making capabilities allow us to respond quickly to customer changes while controlling costs.

50 injection molding presses from 50、100、150 and 220 tons (ton determines the part size that can be produced, from small to large). We have an extensive history of injection molding and partnering with industry leading material suppliers to develop custom formulation and address our customer needs.

Thermo Plastics Molding

  • Catheter Tipping
    Catheter tipping, also known as end forming, is the process of shaping the end of a thermoplastic tube using a thermally conductive mold.

  • Catheter Curving
    The technique provides a deflectable tip guiding catheter, that enables the operator to vary the radius of curvature of the tip of the catheter

Flexible Packaging & Film

Film manufacturing process conducted within a controlled environment. 4 extruders for Layflat tubes extrusions. Lay flat tubular in rolls. 5 fully automatic assembly machine for bag welding. Stopper automatic assembly machines and three IV bag automatic assembly machines are allocated in this layflat area.

  • Minimum thickness 0.32mm(0.013”)
  • Width from 60mm to 280mm
  • 500 Ton/Month

Adhesive Bonding/Heat Bonding

Adhesive Bonding is an outstanding method for joining plastic parts with medical class instant glue or UV cure. Heat Bonding for the catheter with the combination of precise temperature control, a machined thermal nozzle and heat shrink, these systems are capable of yielding high quality overlap joints. With this proven technology, it produces high precision, high yield and low-cost solutions for all catheter processing needs.

Over Coating/Over Jacketing

Our hydrophilic coating process may reduce the required insertion force, which may result in improved control, placement, and tracking of a catheter. The coating also may lessen damage to tissue.

Marker Band Swaging

Swaging a marker band onto the catheter tip has been the popular choice for designs of indicator to the surgeon of directly where in the body the tip is located as the operation progresses. This method of adhesion is performed using a swaging machine with a special die that essentially hammers the marker band onto the catheter. It is mechanically bonded onto the tip, but is still exposed on the tubing outer surface.

Ink Jet & Pad Printing

Pad printing including single color pad printing & multi-color pad printing services with capabilities for various sizes and plastics, as well as flat and rounded shapes. Suitable for Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrenepolypropylene, and PVC substrates.

High Frequency Forming and Welding

Frequency welding services constitute a manufacturing process that utilizes electromagnetic energy and pressure to weld and permanently bond DEHP-free Polyvinyl Chloride film. The process of radio frequency RF sealing rearranges molecules to create a powerful bond between the materials being fused together.

Ultrasonic Welding

Sound waves with a high frequency are used. The sound waves are introduced into the plastics and cause them to heat up. Plastic welding using ultrasonic has many advantages over adhesive or conventional welding methods.