Supplier Management

Bioteque Corporation regards suppliers as important partners and is committed to maintaining long-term cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign suppliers to jointly establish a stable and sustainable supply chain. Through appropriate supplier assessment and management operations, the company carefully selects suppliers and establishes close working relationships and feedback mechanisms to ensure that purchased raw materials, components, and services meet quality assurance requirements. Relevant measures include:

  • New suppliers are graded and evaluated based on the risk level of supplied materials and supplier categories. Evaluation activities, conducted by a team composed of quality assurance, procurement, research and development, and other relevant units, include document review, sample approval, and on-site assessment.
  • Suppliers categorized as medium to high risk levels undergo supplier audits and guidance annually.
  • Qualified suppliers are subsequently assessed every six months, twice a year.

Assessment Result

Score Rating Rating/Improvement Plan
Excellent 95~100 points A+ Grade
Good 86~94 points A Grade~Maintain
Fair 76~85 points B Grade~Continuous Improvement
Average 60~75 points C Grade~Improvement within Deadline
Poor Below 59 points D Grade~Unacceptable, must improve in the short term or recognize as disqualified suppliers

Implementation Status

  • In the 2023 fiscal year, a total of 11 external audits ere conducted with no significant deficiencies identified.
  • The proportion of localized procurement reached 89%.
  • The adoption rate of electronic procurement orders reached 95%.
  • A total of 40 suppliers were audited and provided guidance in the 2023 fiscal year.
  • Assessment results for suppliers in the 112th fiscal year:



Score Rating Assessment Result Percentage Risk Level
Excellent- A+Grade 95~100 points 52% Low
Good- A Grade 86~94 points 45% Low
Fair- B Grade 76~85 points 1% Medium
Average- C Grade 60~75 points 2% Medium
Poor- D Grade Below59 points 0% High

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