Medical Taiwan 2024

2024 / 04 / 03

Dear Partners and Friends,
Welcome to visit our booth at Medical Taiwan 2024. lt would be a great pleasure to meet you and discuss further cooperation opportunities.

Booth Number:P0315a
Date: June 19〜June 21, 2024

The innovation in materials science and medical techniques has driven many medical revolutions that were once thought impossible. One of them is Percutaneous Nephrostomy (PCN), and products like PTCD (ONE-STEP SET and DOUBLE PIGTAIL URETERAL STENT SET) by Bioteque Corporation provide essential medical equipment for such therapies. PCN, originally used as a temporary relief for severe upper urinary tract obstruction such as intractable drainage or surgical nephrostomy, has gradually become a common method for treating upper urinary tract obstruction, particularly in emergency situations requiring reconstruction of the urinary tract. With advancements in procedural methods, devices, and improvements in vascular catheterization techniques, PCN is now widely used for other treatments. Similarly, PTCD (Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography Drainage) is applied to various organs such as the liver, kidney, bile ducts, and pancreas.