Cartridge Blood Tubing Set(BT-102-C series)

BT-102-C series

Intended Use

Bioteque Cartridge Blood Tubing Set Cartridge (BT-102C Series) is intended for single in a hemodialysis treatment using Phoenix X36 hemodialysis system. The low weight is used when a low extra-corporeal blood volume is recommended. The low weight model with a priming volume of 75ml is indicated for patients with body weight greater than 20Kg and lower or equal to 40Kg. The standard models with a priming volume ranging from 103ml to 162ml are indicated for patients with body weight greater than 40Kg.

  • Cartridge blood sets feature a compact, noninvasive and highly integrated design.
  • Arterial and venous chambers are integrated into the same unit to reduce potential errors and to simplify loading.
  • Impermeable diaphragms provide accurate pressure monitoring of the extracorporeal circuit with minimal risk of blood contaminating the machine.
  • The blood set design offers a number of benefits when used with the Phoenix X36 hemodialysis system, including reduced risk of cross-contamination, and no need for transducer protectors
  • Plus, easy loading and handling, low extracorporeal blood volume, and simple priming
  • Cartridge is in place of the Drip chamber of venous line contains filter to prevent clot entering into patient’s vein, eliminates risk of cross-contamination - no need for transducer protectors.
  • Cartridge set can be used on Gambro Phoenix ® System, Hospal Innova System.
  • Cartridge is manufactured in medical grade PETG.
  • Material: DEHP-Free
  • Pump Segment available (IDx OD mm):  6.5 x 9.8mm
  • Cartridge Code(OD mm):190 Series
  • Accessories: IV SET/ Spike / Transducer Protector / Recirculation Connector /Collection Bag


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