Extension Set-Common Type

  • This product is a tube for the extension of the intravenous infusion device. It is designed for the extension tube and the intravenous infusion set are added together to lengthen the intravenous infusion. 
  • Common type:Using male luer lock adaptor/Rotating male luer lock adaptor/male luer slip connector to connect a single-channel or multi-channel pressure infusion system.
  • It does not contain DEHP and LATEX.
  • Supplied sterile in peel-open packages and intended for one-time use.



Common Type

Product Code Tube Length(mm) Priming Volume Description
BT-E111 60~1830 0.20~1.16 1-way-Small clamp-Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E121 60~1830 0.20~1.16 1-way-Slide clamp-Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E211 80~1680 1.38~9.49 2-way-Small clamps-Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E212 80~1680 1.25~9.36 2-way-Small clamps-Rotating Male Luer Lock
BT-E213 80~1680 1.34~9.45 2-way-Small clamps-Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E221 80~1680 1.38~9.49 2-way-Slide clamp-Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E222 80~1680 1.25~9.36 2-way-Slide clamps-Rotating Male Luer Lock
BT-E223 80~1680 1.34~9.45 2-way-Slide clamps-Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E311 80~1590 2.98~10.31 3-way-Small clamps-Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E312 80~1590 2.85~10.18 3-way-Small clamps- Rotating Male Luer Lock
BT-E313 80~1590 2.94~10.27 3-way-Small clamps-Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E321 80~1590 2.98~10.31 3-way-Slide clamps- Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E322 80~1590 2.85~10.18 3-way-Slide clamps- Rotating Male Luer Lock
BT-E323 80~1590 2.94~10.27 3-way-Slide clamps-Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E411 80~1590 3.54~10.70 4-way-Small clamps- Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E412 80~1590 3.50~10.66 4-way-Small clamps- Rotating Male Luer Lock
BT-E413 80~1590 3.41~10.57 4-way-Small clamps- Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E421 80~1590 3.54~10.70 4-way - Slide clamps - Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E422 80~1590 3.50~10.66 4-way - Slide clamps - Rotating Male Luer Lock
BT-E423 80~1590 3.41~10.57 4-way - Slide clamps - Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E611 80~1590 1.00~1.70 Small clamp -Y Type Extension Tube - Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E613 60~100 0.95~1.66 Small clamps -Y Type Extension Tube- Male Luer Slip Connector
BT-E621 60~100 1.00~1.70 Slide clamps –Y Type  Extension Tube- Fixed Male Luer Lock
BT-E623 60~100  0.95~1.66 Slide clamp –Y Type  Extension Tube- Male Luer Slip Connector

Remark: Items are not CE-marked.

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