Low Pressure Connecting Tube



Product Code Material Specifications
CT-800C-M200 (P)F PP ID:1.0mm, Length 200cm, coil type, with Female Luer Lock
CT-800-M200(P)F PP ID:1.0mm, Length 200cm, with Female Luer Lock


Product Code Material Specifications
CT-600-M100(E)F PE ID:1.0mm, Length 100cm, with Female Luer Lock
CT-600C-M200(E1)F PE ID:1.5mm, Coil Type, Length 200cm, with Female Luer Lock
CT-600C-M300(P1)F PP ID:1.5mm, Coil Type, Length 300cm, with Female Luer Lock


Product Code Material Specifications
CT-450Y-M120F PVC ID:1.0mm, Coil Type, Length 120cm, with Female Luer Lock
CT-450CY-M200F-N PVC ID:1.5mm, Coil+Y Type, Length 200cm, with Female Luer Lock, check valve


Product Code Material Specifications
CT-300-M100S PE ID:2.5mm, Length 100cm, with Rotating Male Luer Lock, stopcock
CT-300-Mc20N130F PE ID:2.5mm, Length 130cm, with Male Luer Check Valve, Female Luer Lock
CT-300C-M200(V2)F PVC ID:1.5mm, Length 200cm, with Female Luer Lock


Remark:Items are CE marked.

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